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Protecting Your Company’s Information Online

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Protecting Your Company’s Information Online

The Internet can be both a blessing and a curse for your company. While it is a research and communication tool for your staff, connecting to the Internet can make your data vulnerable to attacks if proper precautions are not taken. Individual companies should take the time to create an IT security policy specified to their own needs, so employees know best practices for using the internet at work. Here are some guidelines to protect your company’s information online:

  1. Be able to tell whether a website is secure. To tell if your connection to a website is encrypted, its address should have “https” instead of “http.” This “https” means that the connection between your computer and the website is much safer than usual data exchanges on “http” sites. Never enter sensitive data into a site that has an unsecure connection.
  2. If you use a wireless network connection, ensure that it is secure. Using WPA encryption that requires a password to connect to your network will save you from intruders using your bandwidth—or worse, gaining access to your information.
  3. Educate your office about currently prevalent cyber scams, including e-mail and social networking scams. From the FBI’s e-scam informational site, you can sign up to receive regular updates about the latest cyber crime trends.
  4. Install security/anti-virus software on every office computer. Weekly, run an update of virus definitions as well as a full scan of local drives to ensure any problem areas are quickly quarantined.
  5. Make sure your passwords are completely secure and changed regularly. A secure password includes a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, and should not contain any specific words. Never use the same password for different services. Every password should be different.
  6. When it can be avoided, sensitive information such as credit card numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and phone numbers should not be sent over the internet. Such information should only be given out when necessary, the recipient is trusted, and the connection is completely secure.

Implementation of these ideas is just the first step in protecting your company from unwelcome intruders. Managed IT services companies can provide the solution that guarantees your information remains safe within your network with service offerings such as network monitoring, data encryption, firewall installation, and more.

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