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PVault Cloud Backup and Recovery

PVault - Precision's Remote Backup System

PVault, Precision’s secure cloud-based backup and recovery solution, provides our clients with a vital service to maintaining daily business operations.

PVault is fully redundant and N+1 level backup solution at both the storage and backup server level between two Tier IV datacenters in different states. All backup data is encrypted and saved to our primary vault and automatically replicated to our secondary vault.

As an automated, remote backup system, PVault provides our clients with maximum data integrity and protection by reducing all factors associated with backup systems which require tapes and user intervention. While conventional tape-based backup systems often operate with success rates well below 50%, PVault delivers an alternative remote backup system with a 95% or greater success rate in a secure cloud backup package. There are several other distinct advantages to using cloud-based PVault remote backup system versus traditional tape backup solutions:

  • Cloud-based solutions provide a significantly improved recovering time, both for major disasters and granular restorations.
  • Because tape drives have a standard life of only three years, cloud-based backup solutions are more cost-effective.
  • Tape backup has limited coverage: the solution cannot backup mobile users’ data, and a separate tape drive solution is required for each office with data. Cloud-based solutions are able to streamline backups from multiple locations.
  • Tape makes data vulnerable. Backup data is only protected after the backup tape is physically taken offsite. Backups between offsite pickups are at risk.
  • Tape ties up your staff with daily tape changes. If the appointed person is out of the office or forgets to change the tape the backup fails.